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Panama City/Applied Studies Career Drop In Advising
See General Advising Schedule for Career Center. Individual advising closed for this week!

Advising Available:
Tuesday: 1-2:30pm (CST), 2-3:30pm (EDT)
Wednesday: 9-10:30am (CST), 10-11:30am (EDT)

Most information disclosed in career advising remains confidential. In rare and specific circumstances, The Career Center may be required to break confidentiality to protect you or identified others from harm. The three exceptions to maintaining confidentiality include:
• Compliance with the Vulnerable Persons Act is a law that states "every individual in the state is required to immediately report known or suspected child abuse and child sexual abuse to the Florida Department of Children and Family Services' Abuse Hotline, with the definition of 'child' including any person under the age of eighteen."
• Compliance with Title IX which states "all FSU faculty and staff shall report every incident of sexual battery to the FSU Police (644-1234)."
• Finally, The Career Center strives to protect you or a third party from any immediate or imminent threat to harm.
Please contact The Career Center at (850) 644-6431 with questions regarding this policy.
Please choose only one meeting to attend.

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